Lukáš Haraslín: Knee without swelling already

Slovak football representer under 21 years Lukáš Haraslín was wounded at the end of July in the second round of the Polish league. An unpleasant diagnosis has been confirmed: broken tears and damaged meniscus.

“After the operations, I’m putting myself together. So far everything goes the way it is. For about a month I have to stay in Lodz, I exercise about five hours a day on average. It depends on the condition of the knee. I am now without swelling, which is a good sign. For a few weeks I will go to rehab to our club center, “said Šulo, who had two good moments in these days: girlfriend and sister. “Mr. Hapal also informed me about my state of health,” said Lukaš. Matches of his team Lechia Gdansk he watches in television. “So far we have not been very successful, but we have to remember that the basic eleven has changed significantly in comparison with the spring season,” said our footballer. “This year I will definitely not return to the pitch. I believe I will be ready for the beginning of winter training, “added Lukáš Haraslín.


publikované: 08. 08. 2017

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