Denis Vavro: goal of the year?

Great, Excellent Denis Vavro! In the opening match of the 3rd European League Championship he scored a fantastic goal. The Kodane ... read more

Denis Vavro: he played it all

FC Copenhagen base team in the fall? Always with Slovak defender Denis Vavrom. Our defender has gone through all competitions since ... read more

Ľubo Tupta: training hard for Verona

Ľubo Tupta first got to the nomination of coach Pavel Hapal. His name was in both choices of a successful coach. On ... read more

Lukáš Haraslín: Title and nomination to World Championship to 21 years

Lechia Gdansk is a pleasant surprise of Poland's highest competition. After 29 rounds it is third, on the leader from Bialystok ... read more

Šimon Štefanec: For the first time in A!

Šimon Štefanec´s great performance in the jersey of HELAS Verona came to attention of theA-team HELAS Verona´s coaching staff. The former ... read more

Norbert Gyömbér: cracked needle

Slovak footballer Norbert Gyömbér (24) after moving to Pescara is an upstanding member of the starting line-up rookie first league. But ... read more

Jaroslav Mihálik: broke a misfortune

The best for the end. Jaro Mihalík lived to see the first competitive goal in the jersey of Slavia Praha. Scored ... read more

Norbert Gyömbér: When he’ll be back on field?

Originally, predictions sad that Norbert Gyömbér could be back in three weeks. But from his thumb fracture undergone almost two months ... read more

Jaroslav Mihálik: Eden is magnificent

Jaro Mihálik (21) is already in Slavia. After finishing medical tests he signed up with the famous Prague team contract until ... read more

Norbert Gyömbér : Broken thumb

Again bad luck for the end of the year. On the first tuesday´s training after christmas Slovak footballer Norbert Gyömbér broke ... read more

Lubomir Tupta : debuted for Verona!

Ľubo Tupta never forget on Wednesday's evening. As a seventeen year old made his debut for the A - team of ... read more

Teixeira: Commute to sea

Dionatan Teixeira in early October became the player of FC Fleetwood Town. His monthly hosting from Stoke City has been extended ... read more

Norbert Gyömbér: only the short break

Norbert, on Wednesday began the final preparations for Slovakia's national team qualifying in duel against Macedonia. However, you're not in Senec. - ... read more

It was a sad season in Naples

After the last league match Marek moved to Senec, where he reported at the camp of the Slovak national team in ... read more

Seye: After a serious injury he shoots goals

Mouhamadou Seye went back to a familiar place in winter. He became the first league team players in Hungary Lombard Papa. What ... read more

Dionatan Teixeira: debut in the Premier League

He´s got it. It is the first time Dionatan Teixeira boarded the English top league. Most important, he joined Stoke City ... read more

Juraj Vengloš: How about Gyömbér?

The January transfer window is closed. How was the movement on the market? About which players of CSM-Agency there was the ... read more

Haraslín: His dream came true

In A series another young footballer have introduced himself who represents CSM-Agency. Lukáš Haraslín had on Sunday just 18 years and ... read more

Lukáš Haraslín: full workout and we will see

Slovak footballer Lukáš Haraslín entered the year 2015 a great way. In two matches he gave in the jersey of Parma ... read more

Haraslín: presunie sa do áčka Parmy?

Lukáš Haraslín has had an interesting fall. Although he was often narrowed by injuries, did not attend all the games, although ... read more

Dionatan Teixeira: broken leg!

On the first Wednesday of November Norbert Gyömbér broke his ankle. On the same day, another player of CSM - Agency was seriously ... read more

Gyömbér: four months without football

The bad news came from Sicily. Slovak football player Norbert Gyömbér broke his ankle. How did it happen? - I payed for the ... read more

Tupta: the striker to be found

Slovak football team up to seventeen years made it to the next stage of the qualification for the European Championship. Reached it after the home Qualification Tournament defeated Luxembourg(1: 0) and Lithuania (2: 0). All three goals scored Ľubo Tupta. What do these two victories? - A lot. We used the ... read more

Marek Hamšík: first against a friend

On Sunday, enter the new season in Genoa. Face off against friend Juraj Kucka ... - Private Slovak derby with George is ... read more

Róbert Mak: fans are fantastic

Róbert Mak in July flights from Nuremberg to PAOK Thessalonika. On Thursday, he will premiere at the Greek team jersey. What were ... read more

Róbert Mak: PAOK instead of LEGIA

Róbert Mak moved from the 1st FC Nuremberg to the participant of the highest Greek competition PAOK Thessaloniki. In addition to PAOK ... read more

Tomáš Ďubek: In Liberec he will sing

Slovak football player Tomáš Ďubek (27) transferred from Ružomeberok to Liberec. The Czech team signed a two year contract with an ... read more

Pavol Bajza: Critical end of season

Unbelievable thing happened. Parma ended in the Italian top league on sixth place and will start in the Europa League in ... read more

Peter Štepanovský: The champion of Armenia!

It worked! FC Banats won the Armenian title thanks to Slovaks as well. Zsolt Hornyák is a coach of team from Yerevan and ... read more

Peter Štepanovský: fights for Armenian title

Slovak footballer Peter Štepanovský ( 26 ) , who is the most famous because of his spectacular goal against AS Roma ... read more

Jozef Dolný: recovered from a hard injury

Jozef Dolný ( 21 ) has become a player of Zbrojovka Brno in winter. He climbed a ladder to main squad ... read more

Juraj Vengloš: I believe that we are still going to be making transfers to top clubs

Juraj Vengloš (48) has got a big reason to celebrate. Central Sport Management is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its founding. ... read more


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