Haraslín: His dream came true

In A series another young footballer have introduced himself who represents CSM-Agency. Lukáš Haraslín had on Sunday just 18 years and 251 days when he first starred in one of the world’s best leagues. He became the second youngest Slovak footballer to start in Serie A. The first is Marek Hamšík who was 17 years and 236 days, when he took the jersey of Brescia against Chievo.

Lukáš, did you  fulfill your dream?

– I have to admit that, yes. In 2007 I was a winner of Bratislava Milan Camp at AC Milan – Parma.

Really? Milan played against Parma?

– Yes. And then as an eleven years old boy  I said, it would be great to play at San Sir. A dream came true.

How did it feel eight years later to join Milan?

– Indescribable, it was something wonderful.

When did you learn to interfere with the game?

– Just before the third goal, which fell in 76 minutes.

What coach Donadoni said to you before entering the field?

– To play calmly and relaxed.

On the field you were only thirteen minutes, yet the Italian media have got decent grades. How do you feel about your performance?

– It’s a great thing that I could play in Serie A. I’m very happy! I tried to play easily. I regret, however, that in Milan we came to nothing.

Can you compare the level of Serie A with Primavera?

– No way. The big differences are in the speed and style of play.

What did coach Donadoni said to you after the game?

– Congratulated me on debut.

After the match Inzaghi the coach AC Milan came onto the field. And you met in the center circle …

– He told me congratulations and wish me good luck in other games.

Did you exchange the match jersey?

– Yes. With Alex.

You have plenty of congratulations. For example, on the social network the coach of your Primavera Hernan Crespo.

– Well, I had really very much of it. Thank you for all and I am very happy for your support.

How do you sleep after the first match in Serie A?

– Very well. I had a great feeling of debut.

What is the Parma habit? Will you have to pay for the first start snaps?

– I do not know what my teammates invent… But certainly I will not refuse it.

What is your agenda today?

– We have a day off, but I’m going to the doctor to check with my calf. Hope everything will be in order and on Tuesday I will be able to train again.

publikované: 02. 02. 2015

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