Jozef Dolný: recovered from a hard injury

Jozef Dolný ( 21 ) has become a player of Zbrojovka Brno in winter. He climbed a ladder to main squad of Czech first league team quickly and jumped on field at the end of duel in Liberec. However, for a longer period from now, it was the last game for him. What is the reason that promising young striker will not be able to kick a ball for a longer period?

You have changed Prešov for Brno . You started at Tatran academy?

– No. I started with football by the Spiš Castle. I was fifteen years old, when the Major League clubs as Košice and Prešov Ružomberok had the interest in me .

Why did you choose Tatran?

– I took into account the distance from Spiš, the history of the club, as well as the targeted school. In Prešov I played as a junior and senior sapling. I was seventeen when I debuted in the Corgoň League. Roman Pivarník gave me a chance  in Košice. I have stayed in A squad but the following periods were very difficult. Since Mr. Prieložný left the club we had a new couch every moment and there was also a changes of squad players.

If I am correct you were not far from being currently in Italy.

– I was seventeen when I was on trial in Bergamo. In a friendly match I have succeeded perfectly. Everyone was happy. Finally, I did not go to Italy because of my height. If I had about ten centimeters more, now I would be in Bergamo .

Since January you are in Brno. How do you like it in Moravia?

– At the beginning it was hard, but every day it´s better . The team is good and I also had a chance to play in games.

You have missed the first match of the Czech league for an administrative problems, then you were on the bench and in Liberec you have played already. And then I went to play for the junior team to Pardubice. Do you know what happened there?

– No . Only rumours from team mates. I went into head duel with the opponent and I got hit in the head. I fell on the bottom of the head and I lost consciousness. I woke up a little in the ambulance and then in Pardubice at the hospital.

What were the consequences of the crude attack of the opponent ?

– I only have a cracked skull bone and concussion. I say only, because I could go much worse.

How long were you in the hospital ?

– Two days . It was cool that my girlfriend Niki came to me to Pardubice. Soon I got off, I went home to Slovakia. I feel good already. Thanks God that everything turned out the way it is. Thank you goes to my family and to all who crossed fingers for me. I’ll be back and even stronger!

When you could appear on the field again?

– At the end of the week I go to Brno for review. If no complications occur, in the last days of April I could be fit .

What would you like to achieve in football?

– Mainly that my health will serve me. Recently I had a broken fibula, my tonsils were cut, I had problems with groin and now it’s a hard head injury… When I´ll be physically fit, I believe in a successful football career .

publikované: 20. 03. 2014

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