Marek Hamšík: first against a friend

On Sunday, enter the new season in Genoa. Face off against friend Juraj Kucka …

– Private Slovak derby with George is always worth it. I am very glad to be back after a serious injury on the field. Genoa will be annoying for us to win, but we want to score.

Sunday’s combat is specific.

– Fans of both clubs are friends and even sit together in the stands. This is a rare exception in Italy …

Objectives before the start of Serie A?

– In recent years we are one of the best clubs in Italy. And the pre-season thinking is that we could win the title. We will try really on top of the rankings.

How do you feel personally before the start of your eighth season in Napoli?

– I feel good. I already knew what to prepare for under Benitez waiting. It remained the same intentions. Basis for the season we built the high mountain camp in Italy. Mostly it was on strengthening work and work at a high intensity.

Last season you got to play the role of scoring 15 goals for Benitez. How is it now?

– Last season, I had failed him because I did not score many goals … It was partly culpable injuries. Previous year was not on my side as I was representing himself. New coach did not talk to me about goals before.Now that I play almost the striker it is expected of me again.

After two years he returned to the team thy brother in law Walter Gargano. You like that?

– Of course. Breeding Inter Milan and Parma are good for him to play. However, he was still the player of SSC. Inter and Parma was unlucky in the fact that every time he had to deal with other matters than football. Walter was pleasantly surprised that it intends Benitez. You have seen that even in matches he played against Bilbao in our starting line-up. “

publikované: 01. 09. 2014

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