Róbert Mak: PAOK instead of LEGIA

Róbert Mak moved from the 1st FC Nuremberg to the participant of the highest Greek competition PAOK Thessaloniki.

In addition to PAOK you had another choice to transfer. What decided in favor of the Greeks?

– I had two similar offers – from Legia Warsaw and PAOK Thessaloniki, with both clubs I have been in touch. In favor of the Greek club decided that it is a bigger club with more ambition and a better league. I wanted to play for the high ranks and work in the European Cup. Legion also offered that, but the Greeks, I had the feeling that they want more. In short, I have a better feeling.

How came to a transfer and when did you signed the contract?

– After returning from camps to Nuremberg I traveled to the Netherlands, where PAOK were preparing for the new season. We were talking about the conditions and they let us take some time to think. Then we have visited the Legion, I watched the Champions League preliminary round match there. Contract with PAOK I signed on Saturday in camp in the Netherlands, where the team stays for another week. Now we have three days off, so I want to use it to stop in Bratislava to take some things and come back in squad. Briefly returning from camps we fly from Thessaloniki to Naples. There we have a varied and interesting match program. I look forward to confront Marek Hamšík, even if it is only a friendly game it will be nice. ”

What do you know about your new club, the coaches and teammates, among which are the four Greek representatives?

– Regarding Representatives they played the World Cup so they connect during Sunday. Coach Angelos Anastasiadis has returned to the club I guess after ten years. With teammates I have not really had a talk because I’m still here only two days, but during camp surely i want get to know with them more. ”

While in Nuremberg you were used to play in the middle of the table and in the last year to rescue, in a new realm awaits you fight for top rank plus a game of Europa League, which you still did not played …

– This is what were the reasons why I chose this club and I want to try to win something with it. Every player’s dream is to play European Cups, so also because of that i decided so. Along with Panathinaikos and Olympiakos PAOK fights on the top of Greek league tables, so the club has apparently championship ambitions. ”

Environment of the club knows intimately also Miroslav Stoch, who worked there. Did you talk to him on the subject? What did he tell you about the club?

– We texted about it. The club is expressed only in the best. I have no negative but only positive information about PAOK. ”

What did four seasons in Nuremberg give you and what are the values ​​of this stage of your career?

– I came there when I was 19 and it was a great experience for me to act in Bundesliga, in which I have played 77 matches. To play in this competition, which is among the best in the world, meant to me a lot as a young player. Now Nuremberg fell to the second Bundesliga. I’m not saying this is a bad procedure, but I had higher ambitions, and so I decided to change. ”

In the summer, you become a father. When your wife dates a birth?

– Deadline is August the 9th., the wife will give birth in Bratislava, where the family is. I want to come home for birth. It’s a summer full of changes, so now we have it colorful.

Source: www.robertmak.sk

publikované: 20. 07. 2014

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