The reaction of Juraj Vengloš to Ján Kozák´s words

Reaction of Juraj Vengloš, the director of CSM-Agency and the player’s agent, to the words presented at the press conference on October the 31st by national coach Jan Kozak, on Robert Mak´s address:

,,I do not like to, but I must respond to the words of the national coach Jan Kozak, who constantly challenges the transfer of Robert Mak to Zenit St. Petersburg, one of the leading Russian and European clubs. I have to defend Rob’s decision and my work. I dare say that it was a good and correct transfer.

Rob in the summer between several tenders chose Zenit St. Petersburg, even though he knew that in the club there will be a lot of competition. Much more than it was in PAOK, or would have been in other clubs, where he could transfere after the European Championship. He´s not decided to go the easy route, but chose the more difficult transfer to Zenit and took it as a challenge for him.

The fact is that with a great competition and the rule that there can be a maximum of six foreigners on the field, Robo made it through. He Regularly is a starter for the assembly, and gives passes and scores on goal. His good position at the club is definitely not because the other players were injured.

It is natural that with a large number of duels the coach varies the offensive players and leave them to get well rested. The same as it is done in all major clubs.

Robo transferred his excellent form to the Slovak national team as well. Against Scotland he was one of the best players on the field. But it is not only about this match. At each meeting in the jersey of national Slovak team he gives his maximum.

Constant public questioning of the player´s transfer to Zenit certainly does not add to well-being. I think that this communication should take place between coaches and players, and not in public. It would be more appropriate to promote Robert, who is currently in excellent form. “

publikované: 02. 11. 2016

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