Tomáš Ďubek: In Liberec he will sing

Slovak football player Tomáš Ďubek (27) transferred from Ružomeberok to Liberec. The Czech team signed a two year contract with an annual option on Wednesday .

How are you after three days in Liberec?

– So far so good, I hope everything will just get better and better.

Liberec’s sporting director is Jan Nezmar who previously worked in Ružomberok. Did he also had an impact on the fact that you decided to go to Slovan?

– Of course. Although it was some time ago, but we were teammates. We know each other. Thanks to the owner of the club Liberec and Ružomberok and manager Juraj Vengloš for transfer to the Slovan..

You decide between Aue and Liberec. Why the Czech team?

– Right at the beginning I said that I will agree with certain conditions with my new club. For me, the primary goal was sporty shift in career. For example, it has been decided that the Liberec will play in the Europa League that I never tried before. By the time when Ružomberok played in the European Cup I had a broken leg.

What is the background of the club under Jested?

– Awesome! For example, I came to the first practice and soon I had everything ready. Including football boots, training stuff, etc. I did not have to even lift a finger … (smile). I can see great professionalism at the club at every step .

Do you have a place to stay yet?

– I live in the hotel where I will stay for a few more weeks. After a double match against Košice I will start to look for a house and soon my family is about to come.

How your teammates welcomed you?

– Excellent. In the locker room I found several compatriots. We are here six Slovak players (Obžera, Hamuľák, Hroššo, Kollar, Obročník, Ďubek – Red.) And two coaches (Slovák and Valachovič).

And did they already mentioned leap?

– Well, that was the second thing they reminded me. Obligations I have rehearsed … (smile)

You’ll also have to sing?

– For instance, that … (laughs)

Beginning in Liberec will be interesting. In the second preliminary round of the European League we start against Košice.

– It will be very difficult double match. Against residents of Košice is very  hard to play. However, couch Slovák knows perfectly slovak team and certainly use the right tactics against them.

What is your balance against Košice?

– I remember very well my last duel in Čermeli. With Ružomberok we won 2-1. And we only played ten. With this result, I would be happy on Thursday. But with the fact that we would play in eleven.

With what number you’ll be playing in Liberec?

– With what can I play? (smile). I remained with my favorite twentysix.

publikované: 11. 07. 2014

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